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Residential Services

A Finishing Touch has a refreshing approach to residential construction that delivers quality results and a pleasant building process. Whether you’re looking for new construction, additions, remodeling, or renovations, our team of professionals can deliver superior results.

The process involves detailed planning, quality workmanship, and a thorough commitment to customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing prompt service and providing constant, effective communication. By working with A Finishing Touch, you’ll quickly see the benefits of our unique approach.

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Your house is perhaps your most valuable asset. It's more than a house, it's your home. Don't let just anyone work on your home – the team at A Finishing Touch, is licensed, insured and experienced at all facets of home remodeling and additions. The residential general contractors at A Finishing Touch not only have the experience to handle additions and remodels at your home – they have a vast network of only the best subcontractors in the area to make sure your project is on time and on budget. Given our residential general contracting experience, we can advise you on issues like which projects are likely to increase the value of your home, if you'll need a building permit, and can consult you on design ideas that work for your specific home. In the current economy, moving doesn't make sense. Remodel your home, changing it to perfectly suit your tastes and interests. We handle it all, including the following:


  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Roofing / Skylights
  • Doors / Windows
  • Attics / Basements
  • Siding
  • Sunrooms
  • Cabinets / Countertops
  • Garages / Garage conversions
  • Fencing
  • Outdoor Decking / Decks / Patios
  • Home Offices
  • 2nd Story Additions / Extensions
  • Flooring/Stonework


 The most common room additions are family rooms, kitchen/family room combinations, and bedroom/bathroom suites. “As a remodeling contractor, my most important concern is making the addition complement the existing architecture,” says Brandon Cash of A Finishing Touch, “You want the roof line to match; you want the woodwork to match. You want the room to look like it has been there all along.”

So, you don't like the layout of your existing living room or bedroom! You don't like the closets, want to change the flooring, or the lighting fixtures? So change them!

From top to bottom, At A Finishing Touch we do it all!

The kitchen is the new “living room” of the home. This is where the family spends much of its time preparing and enjoying meals. This is the place where guests always gather when entertaining. Today’s homeowners want an open, spacious, beautiful kitchen but they also need this room to be easy to clean and functional.



We offer a number of different painting services. No matter what job you have planned, we can accommodate. The following are the types of services we offer:

So, you don't like the layout of your existing bathroom? You don't like the countertops, the sink, the flooring, the cabinets, or the lighting fixtures? So change them!  At A Finishing Touch we are here to help, from top to bottom, we do it all.
Emergency Services
We hate to think about it, but accidents and natural disasters are a fact of life. “We routinely get calls about water damage caused by everything from a malfunctioning dishwasher to a water main break,” says Brandon “You would also be surprised how many people need help fixing up their houses after storm damage, minor fires and even cars crashing through garage walls.”

Our standards are as high as your expectations, and our commitment to quality runs deep. Everyone on the AFT team is thoroughly committed to making sure that all of our business practices are top-notch.